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November 19, 2013

DARE TO DREAM BIG Dear Friend, JI’m Merry Riana.  Thank you for your kind interest in my e-book ‘Dare to Dream Big’. Through my roles as entrepreneur, author and speaker, I’m living passionately everyday as a source of inspiration to others. And I’m truly grateful and honored to enjoy this privilege. Every day, one of my favorite activities is to share my daily thoughts and experiences through my inspirational blog. To date, I’ve written hundreds of articles, covering categories such as Inspirational, Woman’sWorld, Money, Relationships and more.All my writings are inspired from real events and experiences in my life.If you like what you read here, you are going to love all the other content in store for you at my blog.Be sure to check it out - new content are added regularly every few days.Now, you can allow yourself to sit back, Feel free to pass this on to your friendsJrelax and enjoy this e-book.  or family too, so each of us can live an inspired Page 1

2. DARE TO DREAM BIGStart with WHY Do you want to be successful? I bet your answer to that question will be YES! But do you really know WHY you want to be successful? Well, if you dont have a firm YES to answer my 2ndquestion, then I suggest that you take a moment to really think about it. WHY must you be successful?Start with WHY!Like it or not, only when you know exactly the “Why”, will you then eventually find out the “How”.Let me give you this Page 2

  3. DARE TO DREAM BIGImagine that I have a suitcase for you. Inside the suitcase is $1 Million cash.The suitcase is placed in a building that is about a one-hour drive from where you are now.Here is the deal:All you have to do is to get to this building within the next two hours.If you get there before the end of the two hours, I will hand you the suitcase and you will be a million dollars richer.There is one catch, however.If you are even one second late, our deal is off.One second late and you will not get a single cent at all. No exceptions!So with that in mind, what time would you like to start making your way to the building where the suitcase is at?Most people would respond to that scenario by saying that they would leave right now. Wouldn’t you?So off you go.You jump into your car and start driving towards the building.On the way there you are excited and already starting to plan on how you are going to spend your million dollars.Then, suddenly, the traffic comes to a complete Page 3
  4. DARE TO DREAM BIGYou turn on the radio and find that there has been a series of major accidents on the road between you and the buildingand there is no way to get there!Now what would you do? Will you give up and go back home?Or will you get out of your car and walk, run, hire a helicopter, or find some other way of getting to the building on time?I’m sure you won’t just give up so easily, right?Now, let’s suppose for a minute that you are in a totally different scenario.This time, you are driving to an appointment at your dentist’s office.The traffic again comes to a stop.Amazingly, there have been major accidents on the road between you and your dentist’s office.What would you do then?Probably give up, go home and reschedule!What is the difference between these two situations?It all comes down to the “Why” Page 4
5. DARE TO DREAM BIG “If the WHY is big enough; the HOW is usually not a problem.”I am a real living example to that statement.How I was able to turn myself from a girl, who used to survive with just $10 per week, to the millionaire entrepreneur I amtoday, was simply by me starting with my big “Why”; my compelling reason.Truly motivated people are able to identify and tap into the power of a compelling “Why” in everything that they do.Start with WHY! Page 5
6. DARE TO DREAM BIGThere’s Something about Merry I was born and raised in Indonesia. From the age of 18 to present date, I have been living in Singapore. My name, Merry Riana, actually has a very interesting meaning. Merry means Happy. Ria in Indonesian means Cheerful. So, having the name Merry Riana means that I am supposed to be a very happy and cheerful person.I am blessed and fortunate to have been able to make my first million at just age 26.If you think that I have a super rich family who supported me with a lot of capital, or I married a millionaire guy, you aretotally wrong! Page 6
  7. DARE TO DREAM BIGIn fact, if you ever met me 9 years ago when I was back in University (NTU - Nanyang Technological University), youwouldn’t believe that such a young girl would be able to achieve her 1st million within just 4 years after her graduation.I was 15kg heavier compared to my current weight now.I couldn’t really speak English properly. In fact, when I first came to NTU, I failed my English test and had to take an EnglishProficiency Class for 1 year.Because of that, back then during my University time, I was very shy, I didn’t really like to talk to people and just mingledaround mainly with my fellow Indonesian friends (which made my English even worse, because I never practiced it).Then you’re probably wondering… "HOW CAN SHE ACHIEVE HER FIRST MILLION BY JUST AGE 26?"Well, thats the question that a lot of people ask me quite often.And the answer to that question is very simple:It’s Page 7
 8. DARE TO DREAM BIG I DARE TO DREAM BIG!Have a great vision and be daring enough to have a big dream, because that’s how it all started for me.The reason why I am sharing this with all of you is not to impress you, but to impress upon you that we are all capable ofdoing great things in life, if we just first believe in Page 8
9. DARE TO DREAM BIGWhat Can You Do With $10? “What can you do with $10?” Well, for me, that $10 was the amount of money that I could use to survive with my life for 1 whole week here in Singapore. How was that possible? Let me bring you back in time, many years ago to the year 1998.The year 1998 was the first time I reached Singapore.Initially, it was never in my whole family’s plan to send me overseas to study, because it would be too costly for myparents to afford. I always thought that I would continue my tertiary study in a local University in Jakarta.However, the year 1998 was the time of the Asian financial crisis.At that time, Indonesia was not a very safe place for a young girl like me as violence and riots were Page 9
10. DARE TO DREAM BIGSo, I really didn’t have much choice except to leave Indonesia.Singapore seemed to be the best choice because of its nearby location, safe environment, and good education system.Since it wasn’t my parents’ original plan to send me overseas to study, Ihad to overcome the financial burden. I had to take up many loans, loans and tuition fee loans.I knew that I had to be very careful in spending my money, since I hadvery limited resources.I was a very thrifty student back then.I still remember vividly, how I’ve survived living in Singapore with just$10 every week for my whole first year in NTU.It was definitely not easy, but I had no choice. Sometimes, I just ate instant noodles, bread or even skipped Page 10
1. DARE TO DREAM BIGTurning Point of My Life MY $10 STORY I consider myself a very blessed person to be where I am right now. Actually, I have a very humble beginning in life. I didnt come from a very wealthy family and I was really struggling financially when I first arrived in Singapore. I still remember vividly even until today, how I survived with just $10 a week.Some of you probably think that its not possible. But trust me, if it is a must, youll find a way to survive with whatevermeans you Page 11
12. DARE TO DREAM BIGSO, HOW DID I SURVIVE?One thing that I did to save money at that time was to get as many free meals as possible.It was very embarrassing, but at that time what I did was to go to all the Welcome Tea events that the societies / clubs inNTU were organizing for all the freshmen. Among the clubs were Buddhist Society, Christian Association, Engineering Club,and many others.And guess what a Welcome Tea event normally has at the Jend?Yes…!! You are absolutely correct…There were refreshments.  So every day, after attending my class; I would normally sit at the bench and study until late afternoon. When the event started (usually in the late afternoon), I would attend their presentation and had my FREE Dinner there afterwards. I also remember those days when there was no Welcome Tea event and I had to buy my own food. Very often, I would just buy a small portion of plain rice with one portion of vegetable, which would cost me less than $ Page 12
 13. DARE TO DREAM BIGIn order to make it tastier, I would just add a lot of curry gravy and chili sauce.See the arrow sign in the picture above?That was the pot of gravy which I was referring to.Since it was self-service, I could just take as much as I wanted and of course it was FREE! For one whole year, there was 1 stall that never had any business from me. Guess what stall it was? It was the drink stall. To me, drinking tap water is already good enough, so I thought it wasnt necessary for me to spend money on drinks (even though it only cost 30 cents per cup). There were many times where I also had to skip a meal or just ate instant noodles.You may not believe it, but that was really how I spent my first year in NTU. It was definitely a tough life for me, but Iguess having experienced those difficulties I got a lot of drive to do better in Page 13
14. DARE TO DREAM BIGTHE TURNING POINT OF MY LIFEThere was one moment in my 2nd year in NTU where I felt so fed up about my life, living with all those difficulties.I decided to change my life.In that moment, I really thought seriously about what my life is all about, and I decided that I didn’t want to continue livinglike that.I have to be successful; I have to be financially free.I would say that the turning point of my life was exactly when I made that decision.It happened when I celebrated my 20th birthday. dc "It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped." Anthony Robbins       ab Page 14
15. DARE TO DREAM BIGJust a few days before that, I actually did a lot of thinking.I felt that I deserved more.I knew that my parents had already sacrificed a lot just to send me to Singapore, so I MUST make it a success.I thought to myself: even if one day I would have to go back to Indonesia, I wanted to go back as a successful person.So on my 20th birthday, I made a resolution.I gave myself 10 years, before I celebrate my 30th birthday, I must achieve my financial freedom, where I don’t need toworry any more about money. Most importantly, I wanted to pay off my student loans as soon as possible and give a goodlife for my parents while I still can.If you had asked me at that time if I already knew how I was going to achieve that or whether I already had a plan, theanswer was NO. I totally had no idea. But I knew one thing. I knew that I was dead serious about my resolution and I knewwhy I MUST achieve it.Sometimes in life the WHY is more important than the HOW.Because when you have a strong enough WHY, you will eventually find the HOW.And that’s how it all Page 15
16. DARE TO DREAM BIGFrom -$40,000 To $1,000,000 Youve read about how Ive made my birthday resolution, which eventually changed my life. But, some of you are probably wondering, after having a clear vision, then whats next? There was actually another significant event that drove me to become an entrepreneur. During my 3rd year in the University, I was doing my Industrial Attachment with an American-based semiconductor company. It was my first official nine-to-five job in the working world.Initially, I was very excited about it.But after working there for a few weeks, I realized that I could never reach my goal of achieving success and financialfreedom if I were to work in a nine-to-five Page 16
 17. DARE TO DREAM BIGTHE MISSING 3CsOne obvious alternative that came to my mind was to do some kind ofbusiness.But soon I realized that most of the business ideas that I wanted to do needsome amount of capital in order for it to work.In fact, I think there are 3 Cs that you need to do well in starting up a business.They are: Capital, Contacts and Capabilities.Those were the three vital elements that I was lacking at that time.Since I was on student loans, obviously I didn’t have much capital on hand. (FYI, my debt was $40,000!)I also didn’t have any contacts since I was new to Singapore.The only people I knew at that time were just my peers in school.On top of that, my English at that time wasn’t very good.And since I studied Electrical and Electronics Engineering, I definitely didnt have any skill or capability in doing Page 17
 18. DARE TO DREAM BIGBut the drive to succeed early compelled me to try out a lot of different things.While I didn’t have a clear plan at that time, I was determined to find a solution.I thought maybe I could try to gather the three Cs one at a time.One of the things that I tried was stock trading to raise my capital so that I could start a business.But instead, I ended up losing most of my savings.It was a very painful experience.However, I kept moving forward and experimenting with other things.It was like a process of elimination. It wasn’t until later that I realized I could capitalize on sales. “The drive to succeed early I saw that many successful people had a background in sales and I thought compelled me to try out a I could start out from there. lot of different things” Going into sales would not require much capital. As long as I could sit in front of someone, I could do my job. In fact, sales would help me get capital and grow my contacts and network.At the same time, I could build my capabilities and skills along the way.I also realized that my biggest assets were my time, energy and willingness to put in the hard Page 18
19. DARE TO DREAM BIGI’M FREE TO LIVE MY LIFE Immediately after graduating from school, I was $40,000 in debt and cut off from any income that used to come from the student loan. I had to start earning some income fast; for my living expenses as well as to repay the student loan debt. I had decided to become an entrepreneur and start a business in sales rather than to take the traditional safe path of an employee. But I faced a lot of resistance about my decision, from my parents, teachers and friends.My friends thought I was crazy when I told them about my thoughts of becoming an entrepreneur immediately aftergraduation. Some of those who were not close to me even thought that I was forced to become an entrepreneur because Icouldn’t secure a proper job.Although those closer to me knew that I chose this path because of my goals, they were also skeptical and tried todiscourage Page 19
 20. DARE TO DREAM BIGMy teachers, tutors and lecturers also thought that it was a bad idea to go into a sales-based business immediately upongraduation.Of course going into sales would give me less stability in terms of my monthly income.There was also no guarantee that I would be successful.All of them advised me to pursue a more stable career in the engineering field instead. These opinions didn’t really botheror deter me in my determination to do sales. After all, it is my life, and I am free to live it the way I want.However, I still decided to get my parents’ consent for my choice of career. As I had expected, they were extremelyuncomfortable with the idea of me wanting to do my own business in sales right after graduation and with a $40,000 debtto repay.They wanted me to get a stable job with a fixed income instead.After much persuasion, I eventually came to a compromise with them.I promised them that I would only try out this business for three months.At the end of three months, if there were no signs of growth or success whatsoever, then I would stop and give up.I assured them that when that happens I would get a normal 9-to-5 job with a stable pay just like what they wanted.They finally agreed and with that, I started my first business in Page 20
21. DARE TO DREAM BIGA MILLION-DOLLAR STEPPING STONEThe initial resistance that I faced spurred me to want to prove myself even more.Of course it was not always smooth sailing. I faced a lot of rejections and disappointments.Being human, I had moments when I felt down and disheartened.But through it all, I never seriously considered giving up.What made me go on was my desire to provide a better life for my parents and the goals that I wanted to achieve. I’m alsovery fortunate to have had the support and encouragement of my husband, Alva, who has been my business partner sincethe beginning of my journey. By the third month after I started the business, I was already making “But through it all, I never more than the salaries my peers were earning as a fresh graduate. So, I saw the potential of the business and I focused all of my efforts in it. seriously considered giving up” As I said, my biggest assets were my energy, time and willingness towork hard. So, that was what I did. I was working 14 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you calculate mathematically, I wasactually doing 3 years of work in just 1 Page 21
22. DARE TO DREAM BIG As a result, I broke many records and won many awards in the industry. In my first year, I was the TOP ROOKIE CONSULTANT in the company and not only that, I also won the title of STARCLUB PRESIDENT for having the highest number of sales, beating the other 3,000 experienced and senior consultants at that time. It was something that I feel really proud of, since no one in the company had ever done it Page 22
23. DARE TO DREAM BIGBecause of that, I was featured in The Straits Times.That was actually my very first Media Page 23
 24. DARE TO DREAM BIG For the very first time in my life, I really felt like a Queen. When I went for overseas trips, the company flew me with Singapore Airlines First Class. When I reached the airport, while the other consultants were fetched by a Tour Bus, a limousine was waiting for me, complete with a personal chauffeur, ready to take me anywhere I want to go during the whole five day trip. So cool! Page 24
25. DARE TO DREAM BIGIt was a moment that I would never forget because from there I was again convinced that we can be anything we want tobe. That same year, I earned over $200,000. I paid my student loan in one lump sum of $40,000 … in cash.That felt really great!In just four years, I earned my first million dollars.The reason why Im sharing with you all this information is not to impress you, but to really impress upon you thateverything is possible.Hard work always pays off; its just a matter of Page 25
26. DARE TO DREAM BIGDare to DREAM BIGSo whats my secret in turning myself to become the person I am today?The answer is "Because I dare to DREAM BIG". “Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve”That is one of my favorite quotes taken from one of the books that have changed my life, ‘Think and Grow Rich’, byNapoleon Hill. Every time I think of it, I get goose bumps, simply because I know that I am the real life example of what thequote is all about and I thank God for I am truly Page 26
27. DARE TO DREAM BIGThe Rule of 10,000 HoursMany people asked me, what are some traits that a person must have in order for them to achieve their success.Normally, I share with them these 3 most important traits:(at least these are what I look for in a potential candidate before they can work together with me in my organization) 1. Hardworking 2. Discipline 3. TeachableIn this chapter, I want to talk more about the first trait, Hardworking.I’m a person who has a strong believe that there is no shortcut to success.If you want to be successful, you need to be prepared not only to work hard, but to work really Page 27
28. DARE TO DREAM BIG "There is no elevator to success. You have to take the stairs!" THE RULE OF 10,000 HOURS Recently I came to know about the rule of 10,000 hours. In his new book, Malcolm Gladwell said that “The best way to achieve international stardom is to spend 10,000 hours honing your skills.” The greatest athletes, entrepreneurs, musicians and scientists emerge only after spending at least three hours a day for a decade mastering their chosen field. Ability, according to Gladwell, is just one factor in success. Work ethic, luck, a strong support base and even being born in the right year play a far larger Page 28
  29. DARE TO DREAM BIGJust as the Beatles rose to fame with the explosion of pop culture in the 1960s, so Bill Gates’ fascination with the ASR-33Teletype that he used at school in 1968 placed a shy boy on track to become one of the world’s richest men.“No one – not rock stars, not professional athletes, not software billionaires and not even geniuses – ever makes it alone,”writes Gladwell in his book ‘Outliers: The Story of Success’.His new book argues that there is no such thing as a “self-made man”. Instead, the years spent intensively focused ontheir area of expertise place the world’s most successful people above their peers.What’s really interesting about this 10,000-hour rule is that it applies virtually everywhere.You can’t become a chess grand master unless you spend 10,000 hours on practice.The tennis prodigy who starts playing at six is playing in Wimbledon at 16 or 17 like Boris Becker.The classical musician who starts playing the violin at four is debuting at Carnegie Hall at 15 or so.The obsessive approach is particularly evident in sporting icons like Jonny Wilkinson, the rugby player, Tiger Woods, thegolfer, and the Williams sisters in tennis. All of them have trained relentlessly since they were children.Much of Britain’s Olympic success is down to a combination of natural ability and sheer dedication.Victoria Pendleton’s emphatic gold in the women’s sprint cycling in Beijing came only after humiliating defeat in Athensfour years before. After training for four hours a day, six days a week the 27-year-old finally reaped the Page 29
30. DARE TO DREAM BIGRebecca Adlington, the 19-year-old swimmer who won two gold medals at the Beijing Games, has put in an estimated8,840 hours of training since the age of 12. Bill Furniss, her coach, said: “When I first saw her, what stood out was the factthat she was so willing to take the pain and make sacrifices.”Such dedication is also apparent in musicians. Maxim Vengerov, 34, is one of the world’s greatest violinists. He was born inthe Siberian city of Novosibirsk and, after being given a miniature fiddle at the age of four, displayed outstanding aptitude.His talent was matched by an immense work ethic.He practiced seven hours a day, giving his first recital at the age of five and winning his first international prize at 15.Vengerov said: “My mother would get home at 8pm, cook dinner and then teachme the violin until four in the morning. As a four-year-old boy it was torture. But Ibecame a violinist within two years.”MY 10,000 HOURSSo when I first knew about this rule from Elim Chew, a very successfulSingapore entrepreneur, the first thing that I did was to do a Page 30
 31. DARE TO DREAM BIGWhen I first started my career in sales, many people doubted whether I would make it, because I had no sales skills oreven communication skills at all. But I was willing to work very hard.My investment then was my time and energy.So, I calculated the amount of work that I did, literally talking to people non-stop 14 hours a day, 7 days a week for aperiod of 1.5 years. I’ve actually clocked a total of 7,665 hours and true enough, by doing so, I became an expert in myfield. That year I broke the industry record and was featured in the Singapore newspaper.I have proven that the 10,000-hour rule really applies.So, I’ve done my part, and in fact, I’m still doing it for many different aspects in my life right now.What about you? Have you clocked in your 10,000 hours? Page 31
 32. DARE TO DREAM BIGFollow Your Heart Many times, in my seminars or through my website, people came and asked me for advice. One guy told me that he has been considering going into sales for many years and he knew and believed that he can do well and achieve his success through sales, but due to his belief that other people’s perception about a salesman is not very good, he had hesitated to do it until now. Another lady emailed and shared with me that she only has an O Level (= Secondary School) Certificate and she has this big dream that one day she will be a very successful businesswoman, but sometimes she also feels very inferior and notconfident because she felt that if people know that she only has an O level certificate, they will look down on her.Sadly, in life, sometimes we make certain decisions which are based not really on what we believe in, but based on whatother people think.I would like to share this interesting story with Page 32
33. DARE TO DREAM BIGA couple bought a donkey from the market.On the way home, a boy commented,‘Very stupid. Why neither of them rides on the donkey?‘Upon hearing that, the husband let the wife ride on the donkey. He walked besides them.Later, an old man saw it and commented,‘The husband is the head of family. How can the wife ride on the donkey while the husband is on foot?’Hearing this, the wife quickly got down and let the husband ride on the donkey.Further on the way home, they met an old Lady. She commented,‘How can the man ride on the donkey but let the wife walk. He is no gentleman.’The husband thus quickly asked the wife to join him on the donkey.Then, they met a young man. He commented,‘Poor donkey, how can you hold up the weight of two people. They are cruel to you.’Hearing that, the husband and wife immediately climbed down from the donkey and carried it on their shoulders.It seems to be the only choice left.Later, on a narrow bridge, the donkey was frightened and struggled.They lost their balance and fell into the Page 33
34. DARE TO DREAM BIGYou can never have everyone to praise you, nor will everyone condemn you.Never in the past, not at present, and never will be in the future.Thus, do not be too bothered by others’ words if our conscience is clear.When I first started my entrepreneurship journey 7 years ago, some of my closefriends thought that I was crazy and too brave.When I first did sales in the beginning of my career, a lot of people thought that Iwouldnt be able to make it.When I wanted to write my own book ‘A Gift From A Friend’ in 2006, some peoplelaughed and said that nobody will want to buy that kind of book.Well, if I decided to follow what other people said, I would not be a successfulentrepreneur, achieved my first million before age 26 and be a best-selling author.If I was too bothered by what others think, I would not be able to be where I am today.Im glad I knew what I wanted and went for Page 34
 35. DARE TO DREAM BIGYou Deserve to be SuccessfulOne of the reasons stopping people from becoming successful is that they are afraid to be successful.You may be thinking in your head right now:"How is it possible that people are afraid to be successful? What is it that they are afraid of?"You will be surprised, but in many occasions during my seminars, a few participants have shared the same concern. Theyworried that if they become rich, or famous, or too successful, then people may think that they will be boastful andarrogant, and thats why they prefer just to be mediocre rather than outstanding.In my personal opinion, actually money, fame and success are neither good nor bad, they are neutral.Its the person who owns them who will decide whether to use it for good or not. “One of the reasons stopping people from becoming successful is that they are afraid to be successful.” Page 35
 36. DARE TO DREAM BIGAnother possible reason stopping people from achieving their success is the "I dont deserve it" mentality.Some people always have this question on the back of their mind:"Who am I to be successful, happy, and beautiful?"Well, who are you Not to be successful, happy and beautiful?I would like to share with you one of my favorite poems.Every time I read it, it never fails to give me positive energy and inspiration.Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented & fabulous?Actually, who are you not to be?You are a child of God.Your playing small does not serve the world.There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people wont feel insecure around you.We were born to make manifest the Glory of God that is within Page 36
37. DARE TO DREAM BIGIt is not just in some of us; its in everyone.And as we let our light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.~by Miriam Williamson~It is really a very powerful poem, and it has strengthen my belief that I am here for a reason, I am here for a greaterpurpose, and I was born to manifest the Glory of God that is within me.I received this message through Facebook.(For privacy reasons, the sender’s name is not shown.) Page 37
38. DARE TO DREAM Page 38
 39. DARE TO DREAM BIGIt is my greatest joy to know that my life experiences during my personal success journey has made an impact in the life ofothers.As much as Ive been inspired by many successful people out there, I too want to be an inspiration for others.As much as Ive been blessed, I too, do my best to be a blessing for others.I have started many non-profit initiatives.One of them is called PME, PersonalMentorship Experience.Though PME, I dedicated a certain portion ofmy time every week to mentor youngpeople.Due to my busy schedule, I wasnt able to dothat anymore.But, Im doing my best to always beaccessible and to offer my help for thosewho need Page 39
 40. DARE TO DREAM BIGMost of the time, they can connect with me through Facebook or my personal email which I always answer personally.Sometimes, if I do have the chance, Ill chat with them on Twitter too. True success in life is not measured by how much you make, but by how much of a difference you make in the life of others.So, dont be afraid to be successful, and dont think that you dont deserve it.Because believe me, EVERY ONE of us deserves to live our best life!Always choose to be successful.Always choose to be outstanding.Then, use your blessings to bless those around you Page 40
 41. DARE TO DREAM BIGMy 30th Birthday ResolutionDare to dream BIG!That’s the message that I always preach every time I get a chance to conduct a talk for aspiring entrepreneurs, students,and also the public. It is something that I truly believe.10 years ago I did one thing that makes me who I am today. When I celebrated my 20th birthday, I made a birthdayresolution, that in 10 years time (before I celebrated my 30th Birthday), I want to be able to achieve my financial freedom; Iwant to be a millionaire.At that time I totally had no idea how I was going to achieve that, but believe it or not, I eventually did achieve it.This year, I’m going to celebrate my 30th birthday on 29th May 2010.So, a lot of people have asked me whether I am going to make another 10-year resolution.And my answer is: OF COURSE!!!Actually, I’ve been thinking about it since last Page 41
42. DARE TO DREAM BIGI believe that whatever your mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve. Our thoughts will become things. So, I must be very careful with what I want, for it can really become a reality. After much reflection and thought, I’ve finally concluded on what I want for the next 10 years. I’ve shared this with a few people, but today I’m going to share it to all of you here. So, here it is … (Refer to the picture on the left.) Page 42
43. DARE TO DREAM BIGI’ve been so blessed and fortunate that I’ve managed to overcome many difficulties in my life.I’m currently living the life that I could never imagine to be possible.I really hope that my life story and all that I’m doing right now will serve as inspirations for others, especially women;knowing that if an average woman like me can really live my dreams, so can they.I don’t know exactly how I am going to achieve that resolution, but I believe that I will eventually achieve it, just like whathappened 10 years Page 43
 44. DARE TO DREAM BIGTAKE ACTION!To support you even more in your personal success journey, here are some very useful tools that have supported me inmy own journey towards success.I will share it with you in the form of 10 letters, from me to you.Each letter will be inviting you to take 1 simple action.There are 10 letters, in total.You may choose to read 1 letter per day and do the suggested activity, thus finishing it all in 10 days.You may also choose to read and take action on all 10 letters at once.It doesn’t matter whichever way you want to achieve these tasks.What matter most is that, after reading them, you must TAKE ACTION!Remember, knowledge is not power, it’s only potential power.The real power is: Page 44
45. DARE TO DREAM BIG1st LetterAre You a FRIEND of Merry Riana?Dear Friend,How are I am so happy and grateful now that you have decided to join me onJyou?  this success journey!To me, success is the ongoing process of striving to become better, to achieve more. It is the opportunity to continuallygrow emotionally, socially, spiritually, physiologically, intellectually, and financially while contributing positively to others.FRIENDS of Merry Riana is a community created to gather all like-minded people who wish to take control of their livesand live their dreams.To become a FRIEND of Merry Riana, click HERE.Thank you for being my friend!I wish you and your family all the Page 45
  • ·  46. DARE TO DREAM BIG2nd LetterLet’s Connect Through Facebook!Dear Friend,I’m not really sure whether I’m already your Facebook friend or not.To be sure, you can go to my Facebook page by clicking HERE.I update my Facebook status, photos & videos regularly every single day. I also post my blog there.So, to know the latest update of my activities, do add me as your By becoming my friend, you will also get to know otherJfriend, okay?  positive and success-minded individuals who are among mythousands of friends in Facebook.No man is an island.Even more so in this success journey that we share together.All of us, at certain moments in our lives, need to take advice and receive help from other Page 46
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  • ·  48. DARE TO DREAM BIG4th LetterI Made These Videos for You!Dear Friend,Thank you for reading my letters.I believe you’ve known a bit more about me by now.Feel free to email me ( and share about yourself too.Last year, I produced a 7-minute video about myself and my current mission in life, to touch more hearts and change morelives.If you haven’t seen it yet, just click HERE to watch it now.I also have a short version of the video (which I’m proud to say is as inspiring and uplifting).To view, just click HERE.I’m quite sure you’ll enjoy viewing Page 48
  • ·  49. DARE TO DREAM BIG5th LetterHave You Read My Blog Yet?Dear Friend,I’m just wondering whether you’ve ever read my book ‘A Gift From A Friend’.If yes, I hope you enjoyed reading it.If you like what you read and want to know more of my success principles and life philosophies feel free to visit my blog.I do my best to update my blog regularly. Besides my personal life stories, I also like to write about topics that are relatedto success, business, money, relationship, and anything else that is inspiring and uplifting.I once read a very meaningful book, “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill, from where I learnt that everything starts with an idea.I often share my ideas and philosophies of success in my blog by addressing the most To read my blog,Jimportant and essential componentfirst. The mindset.  click Page 49
  • ·  50. DARE TO DREAM BIG6th LetterHow Can I Contribute To Your Success Even More?Dear Friend,To me, success is the ongoing process of striving to become better, to achieve more. It is the opportunity to continuallygrow emotionally, socially, spiritually, physiologically, intellectually, and financially while contributing positively to others.My latest non-profit initiative is Project 100. This project aims to inspire and motivate young people through the sharing ofpersonal experiences, not only those of mine, but also of other successful role-models.So far, I’ve conducted interviews with experts from various industries and successful public figures, like Elim Chew, AdamKhoo and Irene Ang. Many essential parts of these interviews are accessible by the public.To nominate someone to be interviewed by me in Project 100, click HERE.To know more about my other non-profit initiatives, click HERE.I appreciate your kind friendship! Page 50
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  • ·  54. DARE TO DREAM BIGFinal LetterWill This Be My Last Letter To You?Dear Friend,I am young and I am successful. Throughout my career I’ve inspired many others to become successful while they are stillyoung through my personal mentorship and training seminars.Along the way, I also experienced setbacks.I have suffered through devastating periods of financial instability.Those were hard times.Fortunately, I rebounded to earn even higher incomes and build even greater fortunes.I know the road to wealth, from its annoying potholes to its extraordinary vistas.Now I want to show you how I did it – and how you can, too.I can only provide you the tools and a path, through our community on Facebook that will make it easier for you tobecome successful while you’re still young. However, you have to use the tools and travel the path.I believe that it is not by chance that you are now reading these words.Let’s work together to fulfill your financial dreams.Join Page 54
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  • ·  56. DARE TO DREAM BIGMay the road rise to meet you.May the wind be always at your back.May the sun shine warmly on your face,the rains fall softly upon your fields,and, until we meet again…may God hold you softly in the palm of His hand.Good-bye and God bless.Together, we can touch more hearts and change more lives.PS. This is the 3rd time I’m asking you to take action and join me on Facebook. I hope you understand that this seeminglysimple action can actually play a very important part in shaping your destiny. If you still want to hear from me, join me onFacebook now! Click Page 56
  • ·  57. DARE TO DREAM BIGAfterwordThank you for reading my e-book until the end. The fact that you’ve finished reading this e-book means that you’re reallycommitted to achieve an even higher level of success in your life right now. If the articles here have contributed positivelyinto your life in one way or another, you will find that there are many other useful articles that are ready to benefit you inmy blog. Here, I list down a few of the blog entries, some of which are my own favorites. To help you to enjoy this learningexperience even more, I’ve grouped the articles into various categories for you. Have FUN!Inspirational MoneyI’m Inspired by Merry Riana because… How to Have a Guilt-Free Christmas ShoppingKeep the Faith Making Friends With Your MoneyMerry Riana on Canvas 10 Tips on How to Save More MoneyBe Positive Be Merry Merry Riana’s Giving AccountMust Career Women Sacrifice Their Families? Merry Riana’s Fun Page 57
  • ·  58. DARE TO DREAM BIGRelationships The Merry Riana ShowA Story about Marriage Featuring Dr Leslie Tay10 Tips on How to Really Love Your Husband Featuring Aji RokhadiAre You Being ‘Choosy’ In Your Relationship? Featuring Aaron TanThe Secret to a Successful Relationship Featuring Sylvester Sim20 + 1 Ways to Make Others Happy Featuring Jasmine TyeOthers VideosFlip Mino HD Tutorial TOUCHE Presents Women of Substance 2011LG Optimus 7 Review Metro TV (Behind the Scene)Must Watch!!! -> Miss Universe 2010 Contestants Merry Singing With Her Husky VoiceJust For Laugh JLG AdvertisementChristmas Light Up  LG Asia Life’s Good AmbassadorAll these writings are not for you to read in 1 day. It’s best if you can just read 1 article per day, and Take Action to applythe lessons that you’ve learned into your own life. Do this for at least 1 month and you’ll be surprised on the positivechanges that you’ll experience in your mind and heart. Remember, in order to earn a lot, you must learn a lot first. MerryRiana.comJ Page 58
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  • ·  60. DARE TO DREAM BIGWhat Others Say“Merry Riana is one of the most enterprising and driven individuals that I have had the good fortune of knowing. One ofthe things that I most admire about her is her commitment to her goals and her anything can be done attitude. Despitebeing a foreigner and being young, it did not stop her from pursuing incredible goals of building a business, creating wealthand even writing a book. One of the keys of her success is her great investment of time and money in the development ofher people. Merry is truly a testimony to the power of the human spirit and a great role model to youths that the greatestof dreams are possible despite the odds they face.”Mr Adam KhooChief Executive OfficerAdam Khoo Learning Technologies GroupSINGAPORE“Merry Riana’s book ‘A Gift From A Friend’ is a must-read book for those who are still in school, going to choose a career,and for everyone who wants to succeed! Awesome, easy to read and illuminating!”Mr Tung Desem WaringinBest-Selling Author “Financial Revolution” Page 60
  • ·  61. DARE TO DREAM BIGWhat Others Say“Merry Riana is truly a beauty with brains. She is set to be an inspiration to many others. Her book ‘A Gift From A Friend’ isa worthwhile read if you aspire to take action and succeed in life.”Ms Wendy KwekSpirit of Enterprise 2004 Award WinnerMaster Trainer of Entrepreneur Action ProgramSINGAPORE“Merry Riana’s book ‘A Gift From A Friend’ is very inspirational. I recommend this book especially for those who are stillyoung. The author of this book, Merry, has extraordinary blessings from God. She has an entrepreneurial spirit thatdeserves to be admired, looking at her very young age. She has a big passion and a bright future. May God guide and blessher abundantly.”Mr CiputraChief Executive OfficerCiputra Page 61
  • ·  62. DARE TO DREAM BIGWhat Others Say“Refreshing, invigorating, and intellectually stimulating! Merry Rianas motivational book “A Gift From A Friend" is indeedwhat it is. An excellent gift of ideas - prodding proactive actions for achieving ones dream and financial success. Readingher extremely lively thought provoking book, her down-to-earth no holds barred style is a sheer pleasure. To me, it was likereading Napoleon Hills "Think and Grow Rich" again except that concepts were easier to understand and illustrated bywonderful analogies that are logical and practical.A must read for anyone who wants to achieve something great in life! Oh... As Merry said, "want to" is not good enough."Must do" is the way to go, and Merry proves that it can be done. She did it!”Ms Elim ChewPresident / Founder77th StreetSINGAPORE“Untuk siapa saja yang tertarik pada topik business, secara teori maupun secara praktek; buku Merry Riana ‘A Gift From AFriend’ akan menjadi bacaan yang menerangkan pikiran anda. Saya sangat merekomendasikan buku ini.”Mr Sugianto KusumaChief Executive OfficerAgung Sedayu Page 62
  • ·  63. DARE TO DREAM BIGWhat Others Say"Using simple but powerful and inspirational stories Merry Riana gets you to think about your choices in life. The mostinspirational one is her personal story. Her book ‘A Gift From A Friend’ can be life changing for you."Dr Dennis WeePresidentDennis Wee RealtySINGAPORE”Merry Riana is someone who is multi-talented. I believe she will be a source of inspiration for many people. Merry’s book’A Gift From A Friend’ is a must-read if you aspire to transform a dream to a success in this life.”Mr Sudhamek AWSChief Executive OfficerGaruda Page 63
  • ·  64. DARE TO DREAM BIGWhat Others Say“Merry Riana has left a strong impression since our first meeting at NTU Cashflow Game session while she was undergoingher undergraduate program. She continues to be conscientious and passionate in working toward her financialindependence and has achieved top honors in the insurance industry at a young age. She exemplified extreme leadershipquality and is a true inspiration to all who know her. She is a good role model for the younger generation. We know she willbe a success in whatever she pursues."Mr Bellum TanChief Executive OfficerRichdads Training (S.E.A.)SINGAPORE"Merry Riana has shown the true definition of fighting spirit for my team. She is the role model for young generation whomake the most of her life by being productive since a very young age. She still has a lot coming in for her, and I personallybelieve she will make it big!"Mr Budiman TanjungHead of Consumer BankingBank DBS Page 64
  • ·  65. DARE TO DREAM BIGWhat Others Say“Merry Riana is young and energetic and has great zeal and enthusiasm in attaining whatever goals she has set for herself.She sets high standards for herself and the people she relates with. She strives to act as a role model of great inspiration toyoung individuals. At a tender age, she dares to dream and through great diligence and strong discipline, she has enjoyedpersonal and professional success.”Ms Jessica LeongManaging DirectorJ.C Integra Counseling and Consultancy ServicesSINGAPORE"Merry Riana has kindly shared her valuable experiences with our teachers and students, especially in emphasizing that wecan achieve everything that we dream of as long as we are motivated to do it. She is a real-life example that having astrong spirit and never giving up are the keys to success. Passionate, dynamic and inspiring Merry Riana. She has themastery of what she is telling about. We have learned a lot from her rich experiences."Sr. Francesco, OSUPrincipalSchool of Santa Ursula Page 65
  • ·  66. DARE TO DREAM BIGWhat Others Say"Merry Riana’s profile speaks volumes about her. She has a mine of information about Youth Entrepreneurship. Merryinspires youths to go beyond books; dare to venture into business and still find time to care for the community. Her driveto make a difference in society should be radiated to as many individuals, in Singapore, and also to the world."Ms Angeline V TeoFounder / Principal ConsultantdOz InternationalSINGAPORE“Merry Riana’s sharing inspired many of our top agents and leaders to think about the opportunities for further growingtheir insurance / financial services business. The ideas that she offered were practical and supported by her personalexperience. I think the audience was able to grasp the concepts very well because her presentation was crafted from apractitioners point of view. The credibility that she brought and the ideas that she shared about referrals gave theaudience more confidence in growing their business through referrals. She also managed to keep them interested andengaged by getting them to participate in activities during the presentation. Feedback from agents and leaders tell me thatwe accomplished our objectives.”Mr Charlie OropezaGroup Managing DirectorHong Leong Page 66
  • ·  67. DARE TO DREAM BIGWhat Others Say“The music album ‘A Christmas Gift’ started as a love project where one young lady, Merry Riana, decided to contribute herloving service to the Church. Soon, it touched more hearts and attracted many others to join in to contribute as well.”Most Rev Msgr Nicholas ChiaArchbishopCatholic Church of SingaporeSINGAPORE“We would like to express our greatest gratitude for your sharing with our consultants during our annual learning event,the National Sales Congress 2009. From the feedback of your audience, they found that your sessions were very interactivewith a lot of involvement from the audience. With your inspiring and energetic presentation of your personal experiences,you have successfully convinced all of them that nothing is impossible. Being very presentable, pleasant and friendly, weare happy to have you as our speaker.”Mr Woo Man LoongAssistant Vice PresidentMAA Page 67
  • ·  68. DARE TO DREAM BIGWhat Others Say“For someone her age, Merry Rianas achievements have been remarkable. More than the material wealth she hasbuilt in a short span of time after graduation, her success is about stories of courage to dream, of triumph overadversity, of resolve to make a difference, and of gratitude in being able to contribute to the community. In short,Merry epitomizes the character of todays outstanding achievers, always persevering, always inspiring.”Mr Chang Long JongDeputy CEOMediaCorpSINGAPORE"Merry Riana delivered her ideas in such a simple and easy-to-understand manner. From the sharing of her experiencesand the exercises during her session, our distributors have deeply learnt the concept of vision, action & passion, and how tolive every day by holding on to our dreams. Her training has definitely met our expectations."Mr Vu Hong ThaiGeneral DirectorVina-link Page 68
  • ·  69. DARE TO DREAM BIGWhat Others Say“The book ‘A Gift From A Friend’ is a good book written by a young and aspiring entrepreneur, Merry Riana, who dares todream and has the courage to do. The spirit of success is dependent on the courage to seek and to strive. Fortune favorsthe brave. Well done!”Mr Ron SimGroup CEOOSIM InternationalSINGAPORE“Merry Riana is one of the interesting and inspiring people whom I have been very impressed with. She possessessomething which is vastly lacking in todays peers of her age and in even those more senior than her i.e. good characterand attitude towards life. Particularly I admire her readiness to share her knowledge and experience with others.Merry’s appreciation of her worth today is by helping others through her books and courses so that more people are ableto realize their dreams and their objectives in life. She is shedding light to the path leading to successful life and thereforewhat she has been doing is contributing towards the betterment of mankind and society as a whole.I believe that Merrys effort and contribution thus far is worthy of recognition and I hope she will continue to pursue hercommendable endeavor.”Mr James AngChief Executive OfficerCrocodile Page 69
  • ·  70. DARE TO DREAM BIGWhat Others Say“For anyone interested in the topic of business; theoretically and practically; Merry Riana’s book ‘A Gift From A Friend’ is anilluminating read. I recommend it highly.”Mr Charles WongDirectorCharles & Keith InternationalSINGAPORE“Merry Riana was a recipient of NTU’s Nanyang Outstanding Young Alumni Award 2006. This award recognizes NTUalumni under the age of 40 years old and whose endeavors in their chosen professions are worthy of recognition and havebrought honor to the University.Being a successful entrepreneur at such a young age, Merry was frequently interviewed in various media, to share hersuccess story which she has attained shortly upon her graduation from Nanyang Technological University in 2002. Herorganization, Merry Riana Organization, aims to nurture youths into living their dream, and subsequently giving back tothe society. She has also authored a book “A Gift From A Friend”, an inspirational book on her entrepreneurship journey.We are indeed proud of Merry’s accomplishments.”Mr Soon Min YamDirector of Alumni Affairs OfficeNanyang Technological Page 70
  • ·  71. DARE TO DREAM BIGWhat Others Say“I believe Merry Riana is one of the most successful young women and motivational trainers which God will use with thepower of the Holy Spirit in these last days for market place revival. The Holy Spirit showed me that in 2008 God will raise upmany new young millionaires equipped with His strategies and I believe Merry Riana is one of them. She has taught in ourministry and conference the topic of ‘Are You The Next Millionaire?’ for Christians and most of them are very glad abouther simple teaching that touched the hearts of most of them. Previously I didnt know about Merry Riana, until when Ivisited one motivational book store where I found her book and I felt that I should invite this woman to do the seminar ‘AreYou The Next Millionaire?’. I could feel in my spirit since I met her and her husband, that God will use her with morepowerful wisdom and revelation so that God will be able to change the paradigms of many people. As an Evangelist andProphetic minister, I can see beautiful future in them to help people and winning souls for Jesus Christ through herteachings. I highly recommend Merry to share or conduct motivational sessions in your group, church, ministry and yourbusiness.”Rev Joel IvanEvangelist and Prophetic MinistryNew Hope Prayer and Evangelism Ministries Page 71
  • ·  72. DARE TO DREAM BIGWhat Others Say“I have known Merry Riana for many years and have known her to be highly motivated to be successful without losing sightof the balance needed in one’s life.I feel Merry’s leadership and focus are well beyond her years. As we know her accomplishments, both professionally andpersonally, are truly commendable.”Mr Edward NavarroRegional Head of InsuranceCitibankSINGAPORE“In business, new trends are created by new blood, and veterans can excel if they listen to the voice of the youth. MerryRianas book ‘A Gift From A Friend’ not only contains old truths, but also makes my old ideas new again. I am thrilled toread it!!!”Mr Kenny YapExecutive ChairmanQian Hu Page 72
  • ·  73. DARE TO DREAM BIGWhat Others Say“Outstanding Leadership - By the age of 26, barely 4 years after graduation from NTU, Merry Riana built not just acommercially successful company, but an "organization" of some 40 comrades sharing her vision, mission and passion tomake people believe in themselves.Self Efficacy - Merry faced obstacles but managed them with determination and dignity because of a deep seated sense ofself belief. She did what she wanted to do – to start a company and achieve success in a couple of years. She became amillionaire by the age of 26, which is an achievement by any standards. More significantly, she has earned a strongreputation as a trainer and coach in entrepreneurship and strategic marketing - something that requires much confidenceespecially at her age. Her energy can be described as contagious!Admirable Desire to Give Back to Society - Merry initiated two non-profit activities to help promote youth entrepreneurshipand mentoring. And she has chosen to do this in a meaningful and sustainable manner. Again, I cant think of that manyyoung people who would have thought about doing this, let alone actually doing it.I know Merry would be an inspiration to many other young people.”Mr Viswa SadasivanChief Executive OfficerThe Right Angle Page 73
  • ·  74. DARE TO DREAM BIGWhat Others Say“Merry Riana has a wonderful blessing from God. She has a remarkable entrepreneurial spirit although she is still veryyoung. She has a great talent for a great future.”Dr Lee Chee WeeChief Executive OfficerLynk BiotechnologiesSINGAPORE“Buku Merry Riana ’A Gift From A Friend’ bukanlah buku teori tetapi benar-benar ‘buku praktek’ … 1+1 bukan 2 tapi 11!Karena MRO bukan hanya tempat kerja, berkarier, berkarya, tapi suatu ‘komunitas untuk hidup’ – ada kesatuan,kesehatian, kepedulian, kebersamaan, keragaman…. Tapi mereka ‘menggiring bola’, yang merupakan satu tujuan, sampaigoal ke gawang, sehingga keberhasilan adalah milik team work, milik bersama!Semoga ‘buku kerja’ ini akan memotivasi, menyentuh hati dan spirit siapa saja yang membacanya yang dapatmemberikan, meyakinkan mereka dan memberikan inspirasi unutk mau mempraktekkannya dimana pun mereka berada(di kantor, di keluarga, di lingkungan social, di masyarakat, di kegiatan religius, dll)”Mrs Estherina Arianti DjajaGeneral ManagerTaman Palem Page 74
  • ·  75. DARE TO DREAM BIGWhat Others Say“Merry Riana masih muda tetapi kaya akan hikmat dan kearifan. Dia tidak menulis kisah yang mengada-ada dan sulitdibayangkan tetapi pengalaman nyata dari hidupnya sendiri dengan kesulitan-kesulitan di dalamnya yang juga mungkindihadapi oleh sebagian besar dari kita, di mana salah satu di antaranya yang paling umum adalah tantangan ekonomi.Dia memberi teladan bahwa meskipun dibatasi oleh berbagai kesulitan, dia dapat membuat terobosan untuk keluar darisituasi demikian dan meraih kebebasan finansial dalam usia yang terbilang muda. Memang, Merry Riana sendiri punmengakui bahwa perjuangannya tidaklah mulus-mulus saja; dia berjuang sekuat tenaga untuk dapat meraihnya. Namunpada akhirnya dia berhasil, dan dalam waktu yang terhitung singkat pula.Satu hal yang amat mengagumkan pada diri Merry Riana adalah, dia dipacu oleh impiannya untuk berbagi buah hasilperjuangannya dengan orangtuanya, pada saat mereka masih dapat menikmatinya. Maka Merry Riana memperjuangkanimpiannya tersebut dan dia menang. Itulah kunci dari kesuksesannya. Pesannya jelas: Setiap individu, tidak soal usia danpengalamannya, memiliki kesempatan untuk melakukan hal yang sama. Asalkan memiliki keinginan kuat danmengejarnya dengan gigih seperti Merry Riana, terbentang kebebasan finansial seperti yang telah dia nikmati sekarang.Merry Riana adalah bukti hidup; tidak ada yang dapat menyangkalnya.”Mr Januar Tedjo KusumoExecutive Vice PresidentBank Buana Page 75
  • ·  76. DARE TO DREAM BIGWhat Others Say"The first time I heard about Merry Riana and her accomplishments, I immediately contacted her to request for aninterview. I believe her achievements will benefit listeners, especially to inspire and invigorate the younger generation thatbeing successful is never an impossible dream. Most importantly, Merry is another example showing there are no short-cuts to fortune, nothing can replace pure, sheer hard work."Mr Saifulbahri IsmailAssistant Programme DirectorRadio Singapore InternationalSINGAPORE“Merry Riana is a dynamic and highly engaging speaker. Her enthusiasm and zest were contagious and definitely, heraudience were inspired to dare to dream big, take action and succeed in life. It is truly an honor and privilege to have hercome to TJC to share her success story with the students and to educate them on financial literacy."Mrs Lee LilianCollege CounsellorTemasek Junior Page 76
  • ·  77. DARE TO DREAM BIGWhat Others Say“Merry Riana has brought inspiration to the young aspiring people in Singapore. She has shown us that we can be bothhumble and successful at the same time. In her presentation, she came across as real and human as anyone. However, it’sthrough her determination and focus to succeed that inspire us to be successful even when we are young.”Pastor Aries ZulkarnainPastorCity Harvest ChurchSINGAPORE“Merry Riana is a very positive and strong woman who portrays compassion, optimism and determination. I knew herwhen she participated in the my paper Executive Look contest, where she was one of the finalists. Then, Merry was alwayssmiling and willing to help the people around her. I can also see that she is a loving and patient mother, through herinteractions with her daughter. Her achievements as a young woman has been nothing short of remarkable and inspiring,and yet she is always humble and unassuming in her ways. Merry is truly an all-rounded successful woman, worthy ofemulation.”Ms Joy FangJournalistMy Page 77
  • ·  78. DARE TO DREAM BIGWhat Others Say“It is amazing what Merry Riana has achieved, despite her young age. Ever professional, Merry is a true role model and aninspiration to women, both young and old.”Ms Tay Suan ChiangCorrespondentThe Sunday TimesSINGAPORE"The exemplary models that Ive met usually are much older people. But the pattern change when I met Merry. Shes stillvery young, yet she has shown excellent results of hardworking, and uses it to reach out and helps fellow younggeneration. We should look at Merry to motivate ourselves to keep reaching for the stars."Mr Aji RokhadiAssistant Programming ManagerOkto Page 78
  • ·  79. DARE TO DREAM BIGWhat Others Say“Merry proves to me that there is this word called "exceptional". Because of her, I am inspired and believed that as humanwe deserve to become exceptional and achieve what we dream of however big it is."Ms Desy IndrawatiWriterMosaic MagazineSINGAPORE“I first met Merry in 2007, when the magazine I was then-editor of interviewed her about being a self-made millionaire at25. Beyond her outstanding entrepreneurial success, it was her humble, friendly nature that left the deepestimpression. Its wonderful to see how far she has come while juggling her business, grooming young talents, giving back tothe society, winning awards... on top of being a wife and mum to a toddler. I was especially impressed to read on her blogthat when she had a few unexpected spare hours one afternoon, she brought her daughter to the Jurong Bird Park for animpromptu treat -- before rushing off to her next meeting. As a fellow new mum, Im inspired by Merry to look out foropportunities, no matter how busy I am, to create such quality bonding moments with my son too. I believe Merry drawsher strength from her faith and it is what keeps her grounded and renews her daily to keep pursuing her dreams. Truly aninspiration to all young people, women and working mums alike."Ms Stella ThngEditorLime Page 79
  • ·  80. DARE TO DREAM BIGWhat Others Say“Merry Riana is a living example and an inspiration of how we should live a fulfilled life. Its not only about making money,but its also about how we live a wholesome life spending time with our family, friends and giving back to the society in oneway or another. She has also proven to the world if she wants to achieve anything, all things are possible."Mr Cayden ChangCo-AuthorDo You have What It Takes to Be Boss?SINGAPORE“Merry Rianas achievement has been astounding for someone her age. Not only is she very driven and ambitious in herwork, she is also a doting parent to her little girl and a loving wife to her husband. Merry continues to inspire many othersto dream big and go for their dreams. Never say Never Attitude. May her work of passion touch more lives around theworld.”Ms Ang Jolie MeiLife CelebrantLife Celebrant Pte Page 80
  • ·  81. DARE TO DREAM BIGWhat Others Say"Talk about Great Women of Our Time, Merry Riana comes to mind without any hesitation. Her achievements at such ayoung age speaks for itself and this could have only come through great courage, hard work and never giving up on herdream. Others should take a lesson from Merry Rianas great determination and will to succeed. She is one of a kind. "Mr Angelo AugustusManaging DirectorPertama Holdings Limited (Harvey Norman)SINGAPORE“Merry has demonstrated her entrepreneurship talent at a young age. She is doing something unique by helping others todevelop their capabilities. I believe given the time and experience, she will develop more programs to spur herself togreater height. The award will be a good recognition and timely encouragement of what she has achieved.”Mr Chan Chong BengChairmanGoodrich Page 81
  • ·  82. DARE TO DREAM BIGWhat Others Say“On October 29, 1941 - Winston Churchill in his speech to students of Harrow School: ‘Never give in. Never give in. Never,never, never, never, never give in’. Merry Riana is a fine example.”Mr Peter BooManaging DirectorRainmaker NutritionSINGAPORE“Merry Riana is truly a significant woman of our times. Not only is she successful in her own right, she has dedicated herlife to make others successful as well.She is the epitome of what we need in this world, someone who is selfless and willing to share her secrets of how toachieve extraordinary success with integrity and diligence.Her life motto of Touching Hearts and Changing Lives speaks so clearly her goal in life. At such a young age, she has somany years to bring blessings to others!I endorse her wholeheartedly!”Mr Jeffrey GohMotivational TrainerTrainingLink Page 82
  • ·  83. DARE TO DREAM BIGWhat Others Say"Merry can always be seen as a cheerful, independent and energetic lady. There’s always a big difference between goalsetting and goal achieving and Merry has shown / proven that she is an achiever that can bridge that gaps. Definitely aninspirational role model!"Ms Khym Flockhart50 Gorgeous People 2009Female MagazineSINGAPORE"Merry is a woman who made impossible possible. With determination, courage and passion, she broke many records andmade outstanding success at such young age. She has a big heart and care for people, and she gives hope and inspirationto many people especially Asian women to dream big and never give up.”Ms Mamiko ItoChief Executive OfficerAbundant Page 83
  • ·  84. DARE TO DREAM BIGWhat Others Say“Merry was the first person to talk to me during the whole Female 50 Gorgeous competition. She exudes confidence,intelligence and is naturally friendly.”Mr Hubab Hood50 Gorgeous People 2009Female MagazineSINGAPORE“Merry is an amazing woman who has achieved so much at such a young age. Her life story, though short, is a journey ofstrength, pure grit and determination. She is a burst of sunshine with a magnanimous personality - one wonders how shemanages to juggle her work, training, mentoring, motherhood and more, with her ever-ready smile.”Ms Pearlin SiowAuthorDo You have What It Takes to Be Boss? Page 84
  • ·  85. DARE TO DREAM BIGWhat Others Say“I first learned about Merry, when I was in NTU. I remembered reading about her in the schools monthly newsletter andfeeling proud and inspired at the same time. Proud because shes from NTU, inspired because she has achieved so much atsuch a young age. I left the school canteen with a resolution; if she can achieve many great things, so can I. She was soonin my list of influential people whom I admire. I never imagined meeting this wonderful woman in person, until last year.We were both finalist for the FEMALE 50 Gorgeous People and I instantly recognized her. I mean, when you have beenadmiring someone, you will recognize that someone in person. I straight away went up to her and said, Hey, youre fromNTU right? I think I read about you. She smiled and acknowledged me. And we became fast friend soon after. For a ladywith a magnitude of achievements like herself, she is surprisingly humble about it. But I was deeply touched when shebrought that friendship of ours even further, by sending me a book written by her, A Gift For A Friend. It was such a greatgift indeed. To Merry, continue to inspire others. Cause youve inspired me.”Ms Lili Nassier50 Gorgeous People 2009Female Page 85
  • ·  86. DARE TO DREAM BIGWhat Others Say"Merry is a breath of fresh air and, at the same time, possess the force and purpose of a hurricane. What Merry hasaccomplished despite her young age is truly amazing and an inspiration to many. Beyond her personal success, she haschosen to serve and help people to achieve their dreams in life as well -- and she does it while looking great all the time!"Mr Adam WongNational Best-Selling AuthorLucky BastardSINGAPORE"Merry Rianas achievements show the drive and determination of todays professional women. She has the capability tostimulate imagination and encourages all to pursue their goals. I am impressed by Merrys contribution to the community. Iam sure she will continue to excel and push beyond boundaries."Prof Lee Chun WahAssistant ChairWee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information – Page 86
  • ·  87. DARE TO DREAM BIGWhat Others Say“In the short few months which I have known Merry, I find her to be an inspiring character and always ready with a smileand word of encouragement. Despite her many achievements, it is refreshing to find a character that is humble and downto earth underneath.”Ms Jessica GohExecutive Look 2010My PaperSINGAPORE“Merry Rianas high standards and passion for learning prove infectious, her commitment are contagious. She inspiresothers to vigorously create and present new ideas. Her thought and talks bring imagination spring to life. Her style is tolead, educate and encourage others to reach the stars with proven ideas and a passion to put them into action. MerryRiana, a Great Young Woman has moved from success to significance and leaves a positive legacy. I am glad I have theprivilege to attend her workshop/seminar. Thank you, Merry, I enjoyed your talk tremendously. You are indeed a TreasuredGems in our society. May your efforts, contributions and actions make this world a better place to live, love and grow.”Ibu Ani UntungAdvisorIndonesian Professionals’ Page 87
  • ·  88. DARE TO DREAM BIGWhat Others Say"Merry Riana is easily one of the most inspiring female entrepreneurs to have graced Singapore the past 3 years. The Ragsto Riches Story of an 18-year old Indonesian student, who arrived on our island to pursue her studies, and despite being indebts of study loans, cleared them within 6 months upon graduation, and became a self made millionaire by age 26 - this isindeed a poignant fairy tale. Her School of Hard Knocks serves an inspiration to everyone that with determination andmassive action, dreams can be a reality."Mr Justin ChuaAuthorThe Millionaire StorySINGAPORE"Personally, Merry has been a great motivation. Her story of courage and resolve to make a difference has inspired me.Most admirable, she gives back to society by starting 2 non-profits on youth mentorship & entrepreneurship."Mr Mark ChengAuthorIts Page 88
  • ·  89. DARE TO DREAM BIGWhat Others Say"Merry Riana has an admirable entrepreneurial spirit and a burning aspiration to succeed at her young age. She isenthusiastic and earnest to share her success story and inspirational to motivate others to excel. She has immensepotential to have great achievements with her talent, diligence and amicable character."Prof Chang Chip HongElectronics & Electrical EngineeringNanyang Technological UniversitySINGAPORE“Merrys outstanding accomplishments at such a remarkable young age are a testament to her drive, discipline,determination and having the desire to dare to dream. With such wonderful qualities, it is of little wonder she has achievedso much, both in her career and her contribution to society where her care and concern for the community know noboundaries. Her journey of overcoming the odds and surmounting whatever problems that she faces in life is one thatshould be shared and be used to inspire many others.It is an honor and my privilege to be acquainted with such a fine young lady. Her friendship is indeed ‘A Gift from AFriend’.”Mr Teo Aik CherBest-Selling Author / IllustratorWhy Procrastinate? Page 89
  • ·  90. DARE TO DREAM BIGWhat Others Say"Merry is definitely one special person whom you will meet, that will energize you with her beautiful inspirations and leaveyou with an unforgettable impression that will last Ages. Even a simple moment with her speaks so much about thehumility of her success and yet, her positive smile spells the truth of her continuing desires to succeed in many things tocome. "Mr Jonathan LimMusical DirectorUniversal StudioSINGAPORE"Whilst I have only known Merry for a very short period, she has reminded me that being someone with a bubbly positivecharacter and determined personality can take one far. Her bubbly personality is contagious and her sincerity a rare gemfor someone who has tasted some level of success. She continues to set a good example among the business community bymaking a difference in peoples lives instead of just making money."Mr Wong Hoong AnFounder & DirectorGTW Holdings Pte Ltd - Page 90
  • ·  91. DARE TO DREAM BIGWhat Others Say“Merry is my inspiration. I am so proud of her & her achievement!”Ms Wong Shuyu50 Gorgeous People 2009Female MagazineSINGAPORE“It is my happiest honor to know Merry where having witnessed her go from being a student to becoming one of Asiasmost spectacular entrepreneur... all of it within a few short years and all of it while maintaining a cheerful family.Her drive is overwhelmingly inspiring and not forgetting, her abilities to motivate people go beyond ordinary. She is livingproof that having a powerful personal drive can make ones dream an actual reality.”Mr Tylus LimFounder / Lead InstructorAttract Empire Seminars & Page 91
  • ·  92. DARE TO DREAM BIGWhat Others Say"Ive known Merry for a few years now and observed her success story unfolding. From where she started, in debt, with noexperience and against the odds, she rose and achieved the kind of success many others wont in their lifetimes, and did itin such a short period of time. That alone is a significant and highly inspirational achievement. But she decided that it wasjust the beginning of her journey to positively impact her environment. She has committed herself to helping thousands ofothers achieve the kind of success she had achieved. She doesnt have to, but she is doing it anyway. Thats the kind ofperson she is: inspirational, determined to make a difference and help others, so that she can change lives."Mr Sant QiuBest Selling AuthorNiche DominatorsSINGAPORE"Turning adversities into advantages, Merry epitomizes the spirit of achieving ones dreams, inspiring all of us the endlesspossibilities that open up once we set ourselves to dream. Her selfless way of sharing and teaching through her book andseminars, have impacted and touched the lives of many."Mr Bryan OngAuthorIts Page 92
  • ·  93. DARE TO DREAM BIGWhat Others Say"Merry Riana is one of the most positive and forward thinking person I have met in a long time. She possesses theindomitable human spirit in spades, and brings out the best, from everyone around her. Merrys sincere and genuine desireto contribute back to society, and help people fulfill their potential, reflects a generosity and humanitarian side, that is alltoo rare in modern society. She has not only distinguished herself by being young and successful, but also throughremaining amazingly down-to-earth, humble and approachable, in spite of her numerous achievements. I am veryfortunate to have her as a friend, and inspiration."Mr Aaron Tan Mien ShawnCreative DirectorOvert MediaSINGAPORE“Merry Rianas never give up spirit has spurred and inspired many people especially those who went through similar toughtime as her during her younger days. She is an iconic role model for her positive attitude and strong determination. Weapplaud for Merrys achievements today; and being a dream pursuer, we are certain that she will excel far and a promisingjourney is just a step away.”Mr Simon GohManaging DirectorHome Page 93
  • ·  94. DARE TO DREAM BIGWhat Others Say"I had the privilege to get to know Merry at our SPH event My Paper Executive Look 2010. Despite her success and wealth,she was tremendously humble and eager to learn and she got along exceptionally with everyone like she was one of them. Itruly believe this is the secret to her success - a true love for people and a deep passion for whatever she does. Its notabout her titles, wealth or success, its about something beautiful she possesses in her heart that truly blesses everyonearound her. She is such an inspiration, not just to women but also men."Mr Tommy LimAssociate Creative DirectorMy Page 94

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